How to Submit

  1. Put your name directly on your submission, but on a separate cover sheet. Include your name and contact information, including your email address, within the attachment, but on the cover sheet only. This information will help us track your submission and get in touch with you quickly.We understand your need to use a pseudonym but we need to know who you are. We also understand the need for utmost confidentiality. We will NEVER reveal names of authors to anyone, and the choice to use a pseudonym or a real name is entirely up to the author and should be considered very seriously. On request of the author we will destroy your contact information, including location, and any records we have of your true identity, but we cannot completely guarantee privacy for those concerned about police and court investigations. In publication, we will use your name or pseudonym but will strip your name of social status modifiers such as “MD” or “Rev.” We will leave in clarifying suffixes such as “Jr” if the author chooses.
  2. Include a bio – Include on the cover sheet a brief description of why you care about the topic of the anthology, forced psychiatry. What is your relation to forced psychiatry, and why do you feel passionate about it?
  3. Include the word count of your submission in the cover sheet.
  4. Make sure your submission is free of typos and grammatical errors. Have another person look over your manuscript. If your manuscript is accepted, we will work with you collaboratively if we feel further edits are needed.
  5. Name the file in a way that helps us identify it as your submission.We suggest using your title and name (or pseudonym) as the file name. Don’t use the word “submission.” Don’t make it so hard for us!
  6. How to submit – You can submit send your submission  via the Contact Form on this site, or as an attachment to You may also write to