Forced Psychiatry: About the Anthology

What is forced psychiatry? — Psychiatry is a field of medicine taught in medical school that deals with “mental illnesses.” What society thinks of as “mental illness” is not an illness at all. There is no brain disorder and no chemical imbalance has ever been found in those affected. When we refer to forced psychiatry here, we are referring to all “services” that use mental illness diagnoses. Mental health practitioners claim they have legal authority to impose the use of force, stripping patients of all rights and liberty. We are accepting written content on this topic, how it has affected patients and their families, and hopes for change in the future.

Why is the anthology Forced Psychiatry focusing exclusively on this topic? — The time is overdue that this subject is addressed head on. I want to give writers a chance to have their voices heard on this vital topic. We are looking for writers who are or were directly affected by forced psychiatry.

While the term “forced psychiatry” brings to mind court-ordered drugging, society often overlooks the obvious. Forced psychiatry also refers to “hospitalization” on a locked unit, where no one is truly “voluntary” (even though some initially believe they are) or being forcibly taken from one’s home. Another form of force is when clinicians threaten or bribe their patients into complying.

Which genres are accepted? — Essays, personal essays, poetry, fiction, memoir, dramatic writing, mixed, experimental, short forms, prose poem. We do not accept medical research papers. The number of submissions accepted depends on length of submitted pieces. We are flexible. Limit prose to 5,000 words. Poems should be under two pages in length. Several poems, if related to each other, can be submitted together as a single submission, but prose pieces should each be sent separately. You may submit up to three prose pieces or five poems.

Our ability to include artwork will be limited due to budgetary constraints; however, we will be seeking chapter headers and an awesome cover design. If you are an artist and you are interested, please get in touch.

Our deadline, response, and publication cycle – We will be receiving submissions from August 1, 2018 until January 31, 2019 and we will be publishing in the summer of 2019. If your submission is accepted, you will hear from us by March 15, 2019. We do not send rejection letters. Who wants that?

Rights – Upon acceptance, we acquire: 1) worldwide rights to publish in any or all versions in our anthology, corresponding website, or non-affiliated media, including domestic and foreign, whether in the English language or translated into a foreign language, including any successor, similar or replacement versions thereof; 2) exclusive worldwide rights for a period of 90 days from the date of first publication; 3) non-exclusive perpetual rights to republish, store, syndicate or distribute the work or portions of the work in any language and in any country, and 4) the right to use your name or pseudonym in a fair and dignified manner and to publish information you supply about yourself in connection with the advertising and promotion of Forced Psychiatry and of the Work. 5) When exclusive rights expire after three months, the author is free to seek republication elsewhere, but must credit the original publication in all subsequent publications. 6) All rights granted by this agreement are granted in perpetuity and applicable in all media including, but not limited to, all electronic media, internet, wireless or mobile platforms whether now known or hereafter created.

Payment – Due to financial constraints, we cannot pay our authors at this time. Should Forced Psychiatry become a print book each author will receive two (2) complimentary copies of the book. We cannot offer free copies of the ebook, but some material will be available on our website as “teasers,” either parts of longer works or single poems that are parts of a group of poems. We cannot guarantee that an author’s work will be showcased in the “teaser” website, however, authors can request that their work not be showcased on this site.

Simultaneous submissions – We accept simultaneous submissions, but you must inform us when submissions are simultaneous, and you must withdraw your submission immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere (you may resubmit any parts of your submission that remain unpublished). A submission constitutes an agreement to publish in the anthology Forced Psychiatry under the guidelines on this page. Accepted works go into production immediately and may not be withdrawn. Submission constitutes agreement, should your work be chosen.

Publishing Company — Forced Psychiatry is the kickoff publication. Our publishing company will be a cooperative business where all who pay dues are partial owners of the company. More on this forthcoming.

Before submitting, you may wish to consult our Manuscript Suggestions.